We are at the crossroads of an everlasting evolution of society. What we do now shapes the future. Measures we take can prevent what seems inevitable. While sometimes we expect others to take action, other times we join in to work together. We dwell in the past to learn and understand what the future may hold.

Acceleration of technology, artificial intelligence, transhumanistic future, connected world… How do we use, or govern, our world’s limited resources? How do we tinker with the traditional progress process? Which future crossroads are we prepared for?

TEDxGeneva 2017 prioritizes a humanistic approach, providing a voice to innovators, entrepreneurs, determined people influencing policies and practices, today. This is our call to take action

TEDxGeneva 2017 will take place on the 12th June 2017. All TEDxGeneva events are possible thanks to our partners ! Here is your opportunity to become one and secure visibility on our website, TEDxGeneva videos (intro et end) and our printed material.

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