TEDxGeneva brings you to the crossroads of our fast-changing society–the crossroads of technology acceleration, human tradition, artificial intelligence, and an interconnected world. We are each living through these crossroads, together. This event merges our humanistic approach with speakers and participants at the nexus of these crossroads, each with vastly different experiences drawn from the private sector, civil society, cyber world, and international governance.

TEDx is devoted to spreading ideas. We—this diverse network–will spend an immersive evening at the crossroads, forging our experiences together to understand our world. We see the interplay between speaker and network, between experience and debate to be integral to transcending reaction and living change. We invite you to a full immersion in this topic : First speeches, then a cocktail network eventA gorgeous venue, perfectly served food, music, and debate of the key ideas of our time.


All TEDxGeneva events are possible thanks to our partners ! Here is your opportunity to become one (EN, FR) and secure visibility on our website, TEDxGeneva videos (intro et end) and our printed material.

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