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Michael Doser

Michael Doser
“If apples fall down, do anti-apples fall up?”

Michael Doser

Watch the video of Michael Doser’s 2010 talk here.

Watch the video of Michael Doser’s 2009 talk here.

2010: “The Return Of Antimatter”
2009: “If Apples Fall Down, Do Anti-Apples Fall Up?”


Michael Doser is a particle physicist working at CERN. He has been working with antimatter since 1983, using it both as a tool and as an object of study, with the goal of understanding the first moments of the Universe. In 2002, he was part of the team that made cold atoms of antihydrogen for the first time, and – after bringing together its international and interdisciplinary team – currently leads the AEGIS experiment that will measure how antimatter falls.

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