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The application form to attend this year’s TEDxGeneva event is now available:

Click here: http://➪.ws/TEDxGeneva10

Of course, you’re welcome to share the link around with your friends and colleagues.
(Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Buzz.)

Please note that invitations are not sent on a first-come first-served basis, and this form does not guarantee you will receive one.

Just like the original TED conference, we try to create the best experience possible for TEDxGeneva’s speakers and attendees. Speakers at TEDxGeneva aren’t paid, and they come because of the audience. To attract amazing speakers, we need to create an amazing audience, within the limited size of the venue.

We understand this can be frustrating for some, but remember that all talks will be recorded on video and available for free online after the conference, so you will be able to see talks even if you don’t attend.