TEDxGeneva 2023, Edition « BREATHING »

Décembre 1st 2023

Breathing seems at the same time so normal and then so frivolous and fragile. An act of life quasi unconscious and, yet, particularly meaningful: all life, somehow, breathes.


We breathe in joy and laughter.

We breathe in between tears and sadness.

We breathe in anger and despair.

We breathe in a leap of hope and light.

We breathe in life and out of it.

Couldn’t the very act of breathing inspire us, when thinking of forests, water, air, life ecosystems? Or mushrooms, animals, microbes and viruses, life in them? Who are the actors, the agents of change that create breathable environments? New spaces to breathe? New infrastructures to thrive upon ? What can we learn from them, how can we contribute to their work? Let’s take a moment to look around us and find them. 

But before this…breathe !

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