TEDxGeneva – Breathing : Thomas Elliott

« Creating a world where every action positively impacts nature »

With over a decade of experience in corporate consulting and international law, Tom helped establish the Crowther Lab at ETH Zurich in 2018. After developing strong partnerships with Google, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations, he was responsible for the spin-off of Restor, a non-profit data platform, and today serves as its CEO.

Earth’s systems drive an immense range of processes, from evolution to climate change to our human behavior. Right now, vicious cycles are worsening the climate and biodiversity emergencies. But by working with nature, we can turn these vicious cycles into virtuous ones to create a healthier, more regenerative world. The key to successfully protecting and restoring nature is finding the innovations that make protecting biodiversity an economically viable option for local people. As this network of collective action grows, it benefits all of us.

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