The Tide is Rising

The tide is rising and it is youth that are driving the agenda for change, be it in justice, climate change or demands for more fair and open societies.

You are the voices that are capturing the attention of the governments, media and the general public. The reasons for this are obvious, particularly for climate change, because you will very likely have to live the entirety of your lives, dealing with the impacts of this issue alone. This means that you have the most to lose from the crisis, but you potentially also have a lot to gain, if we manage to set a course for carbon neutrality.  Carbon neutrality is a precondition for building back a fairer, more adaptive, compassionate and more environmentally sustainable world. A global civilisation based on regeneration and shared values.

We all know that progress is too slow. What ideas do you have that could speed things up?  One barrier is language. Much of the current discourse is technical which makes it difficult to engage more people and build a truly global understanding of the issues.  How can we shift the climate change language and narrative towards a more ‘humane and everyday’ exchange, so that involvement can be increased, ideas multiplied and action taken?  Another barrier is our limited imagination to design or even recognize valid proposals or solutions. But, it is also about understanding that everyone has responsibility and that individual action matters as much as broad policy change. 

Youth actions are obliging governments and businesses to listen.  Youth climate lawsuits against future harm from climate change and governments’ inaction are multiplying. Youth are already bringing concrete solutions through innovative ideas, projects, collaborations, experiences and life stories.. Do you have a great idea to share and would like to have the chance to make your pitch to a global audience? We all have responsibility. Individual ideas and action can stimulate real policy change and action on the ground.

The stage is yours !